South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Review Roundup

Ubisoft’s sequel to the surprisingly delightful Stick of Truth.

I have been a South Park fan for well-over a decade now, and The Stick of Truth was one of my favorite games of the last generation. I’m looking forward to The Fractured But Whole, and will be getting the game on release date. I’ll be adding my impressions soon, but in the meantime, check out the reviews below.

Review Roundup

(Click on the website names for links to the full reviews.)

Metacritic: 80 (as of 10/16/17)

IGN: 8.5/10 (Great) – “South Park: The Fractured But Whole is another epic-length episode of the humor that’s kept fans of the show laughing for 20 years. The Marvel vs DC parody delivers regular laugh-out-loud moments with only a few faltering gags, and the combat soon evolves into something much more complex and interesting than The Stick of Truth’s simple system. Navigation and repetition of some of its simple puzzle mechanics drag a little, but it’s otherwise an excellent South Park game that’s also a strong RPG.”

Gamespot: 8/10 (Great) – “Fractured But Whole succeeds as an interactive South Park mini-series, while effectively emulating the show’s current style of adult-targeted entertainment and satirization of political correctness….Both the game’s combat and explorative strengths effectively bridge the many comical plot developments, which range from mildly amusing to downright hilarious. It’s an accomplishment that this game will wholly entertain devoted fans while delivering a heap of jokes that won’t fly over the heads of casual viewers.”

Game Informer: 8.75/10 – “The Fractured but Whole is a welcome sequel, maintaining the standard of quality set by the previous game and, in a broader sense, all of Parker and Stone’s work. Every aspect is overloaded with both smart and immature jokes, the combat is an improvement, the game is bigger and longer, and the sneaky moments of sincerity make you recall the charm of childhood in surprising ways – just like the show.”

US Gamer: 4/5 – “I think The Fractured but Whole wouldn’t suffer if it had a few hours knocked off it, but at the same time, I’m kind of sad to be done with it, too. It made me feel a little nostalgic for the latter half of the ’90s, when society’s biggest scandal was a show about a bunch of kids saying “Ass.” If you liked Stick of Truth, it only makes sense to start playing superheroes (elves are totally lame, you guys). If you’re like me and you have a long-dormant fondness for South Park, you’ll likely enjoy it, too.”

Polygon: 7/10 – “The Fractured But Whole is a game made for existing South Park fans. Those fans are going to eat it up, and those predisposed to hating the show aren’t going to be convinced by Ubisoft’s take on things.”

Eurogamer: No score – “South Park: The Fractured But Whole is an RPG with tangible qualities and enjoyable passages, but without the bite or imagination you’d expect of the name. For anyone who grew up with the TV show, there’s still some thrill to be had in simply walking around that familiar town, rubbing shoulders with its famous denizens and savouring the feeling of having an episode play out around you. But these were qualities of the last game too, and they have that bit less impact the second time around. Ubisoft San Francisco’s rebuilt combat system goes some way to push back the sense of deja vu, but it entirely can’t shake off the suspicion that this is a sequel which exists because its predecessor was so popular, not because its creators were brimming with more ideas.”

GamesRadar: 4.5/5 – “Ubisoft has finally created a South Park game that’s as fun to play as it is to laugh along with in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Gameplay and humor are mixed in equal measure, and the result is the truest, best adaptation of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s juvenile comedy series ever produced.”

Playstation Lifestyle: 9/10 – “South Park: The Fractured But Whole is another interactive journey into the minds of Matt Stone and Trey Parker. I quite literally felt like I was playing the show for the 15 hours that I spent in South Park”


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